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Root Canals: Our Restorative Dentists Save Teeth from Extraction with Comfortable Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a conservative treatment to restore the health of an internally damaged tooth. Our dentists make root canal therapy a comfortable and positive experience. If you’re currently experiencing dental pain and pressure, then we recommend that you schedule an appointment to find out if you’re a candidate for root canal therapy.

Teeth are amazing structures. Each tooth contains pulp, commonly called the nerve, with canals that extend to the root. These canals can become infected when impacted by advanced dental decay, a tooth fracture, or other dental trauma. Without proper treatment, the infection worsens and the pulp dies, leading to potential tooth, gum, and bone loss.

A root canal alleviates the intense pain and pressure of internal tooth damage and prevents extraction. The dentist removes the infected tissue, replaces it with biocompatible filler, and then seals the tooth with a custom-made crown. Patients experience an end to discomfort, along with a structurally sound tooth that’s strengthened and protected for years to come.

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